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What can you see in Istanbul, Turkey? You can book many dining experiences in Istanbul and the best way is to spend time with a local family. Often you will meet friendly people that invite you for dinner and become fast friends, but you can also book dining experiences where you go to a home and eat traditional food, learn about the local’s way of life and have lively conversations. Our guide told us that Madonna and other famous celebrities love to party in Ortakoy. Once a fishing village, this district is now the area for upmarket chic looking for a place to party.

Compared to other attractions, Chora Church is out of the way but it’s worth the effort. A small Byzantine church converted to a mosque before being turned into a museum, it’s home to what many call the most stunning mosaics in Istanbul. Check out my post on Chora Church (Kariye Museum) in Istanbul for more pictures and information. Turkish cuisine is interesting. It’s colorful and nuanced and seems as diverse as the country’s landscape. Enjoy one meal at Ciya Sofrasi and you’ll see what I mean. We did all our own food research but in hindsight, I would have loved to go on a food tour. I think Turkish cuisine is best appreciated (and understood) with the guidance of a knowledgeable local. Culinary Backstreets can help you with that.

Officially called Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the Blue Mosque is one of Istanbul’s most famous sights. Built in the early 1600s, the grand mosque was built as a show of pride and defiance and a way to reaffirm Ottoman power in Istanbul after losing a battle with the Persians. Standing on the site of an earlier Byzantine palace, the beautiful building has six minarets, five large domes, a number of smaller domes, ornate stained glass, and stunning tilework. With a blend of Islamic and Byzantine Christian features, it is often thought of as the last great mosque to come from the classical period. Still an active place of Islamic worship, the mosque is also open to tourists. Be sure to dress respectfully to visit the Blue Mosque and women should don the head covering and gowns provided. Marvel at the striking facades that dominate the skyline and be awed by the size of the main hall. See the magnificent stained glass windows, handmade ceramic tiles with various designs, opulent chandeliers, calligraphy, and fine carpets. Explore extra info at Free walking tour Istanbul.

Is Istanbul worth visiting? Of course! It is a beautiful city filled with astonishing landmarks and meaningful traditions. You will find a lot of exciting things to do in Istanbul. There are plenty of attractive Istanbul points of interest, so going sightseeing in Istanbul is such a fulfilling experience that you will never forget. Istanbul was first founded in 660 BC. It was named Byzantion at that time. In 330 AD, the city was rebuilt, and the name was changed into Constantinople. Throughout history, this city has served as the capital city of many imperials, from the Romans to the Ottoman. That is why you can feel the powerful influences of both Islam and Christianity in Istanbul. Some of the most famous Istanbul tourist attractions are magnificent mosques and churches.

The best way of visit and understanding the modern Istanbul: history, politics, culture, tradition, street food and – of course – cold local beer. This Istanbul walking tour has it all. We started at Taksim Square, passed through different neighborhood and ended up with an amazing sunset by the sea on the Asian side, Kadikoy. We came to know a lot of things about local life in Turkey that otherwise we wouldn’t get to know. I highly recommend it!’ Read a few extra info on this site.